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your the one that im aLways gonna Love <3 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
_ carameL bonita ♥

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new lj [Jun. 3rd, 2005|05:14 pm]
_ carameL bonita ♥
[h0w im feElin |nerdynerdddd]
[s0unDstyStem |get it right ; nataLie]

o0k new LivejournaL username : _caramel_bonita
add it to0 your friiends List bcuz its gonna `
be friiends only . aLright ? i Love you xo <3
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your the only one for me [May. 30th, 2005|01:08 pm]
_ carameL bonita ♥
[h0w im feElin |annoyedannoyed ; boys are stupid]
[s0unDstyStem |like you - daddy yankee]

0ye . well tomorrow is tha last day of school .. its gonna be so sad yo ! i bet ima cry . im gonna miss my bxtch meL0dy ! & chad nd everyone else who is goin somewhere else next year . thiz always happens you make best friends then a new school opens and they gotta go to dat gay ass school . it sucks ass except congress & lake worth middLe is comin to our school next year so it should be .. i n t e r e s t i n g ! well right now im taLkin to mel , david , anthony & not talkin to eLvin bcuz hes madd at me . i said i wuz sorry _ please forgive me ! Laguna beach is on right now . marathon !! yess ! this weekend has been pretty chilL . on friday i stayed home and did absolutly nothingg , bcuz my stomach was hurting . saturday i woke up and my mom went to the gym and then we picked up vanessa and went to the wellington malL for some shopping ! we went into hollister , american eagle , mint , victorias secret for pink pants [they dint have my size !] and nordstrom , macy's , dillards etc. i dint buy anything bcuz im saving my money for somethin . dunno what but im sure ill figure it out . lol today im prolly goin to the gym or jus str8 chilLin wit pe0plez i hope . and i hope eLvin forgives me if hes readin dis . well i dont really feel like updatin a whole bunch right now . soo umm peace xo i Love you
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boy im diggin on your energy <3 [May. 22nd, 2005|04:03 pm]
_ carameL bonita ♥
[h0w im feElin |hungryhungrryy]
[s0unDstyStem |energy ; nataLie]

ay dawg . well this is the last week of school, then we have one more day to go back to after tha 3-day weekend . its stupid but w/e im jus gLad to be gettin outta school . except im gonna miss everybody over summer ! but fa sho ima do sumthin w/ everybody i hope ! i cant wait to get my yearbook bxtch !! but dont look at mi picture bcuz right when tha lady took my picture i bLinked so i Look kinda fucked up but w/e .

anyways this weekend has been pretty tight . on friday i went to the gym and weighed myself ; woop woop i Lost weight . o0r its just that my scale at home is broken 8( yesss .. then got subway nd hung out w/ vanessa , stephen , magz , nd caitie . its was pretty fun . and lets jus say ive officially been SKiNNY DiPPiNG ! woop woop ! yes it was fun but no one would do it with me so i was alllll alone . lol nd then they pushed my brother in the pool and i hit my mouth on a metal chair so my lip is like still swollen and shxt . it still hurts . so then i went to bed at like 12 or somethin ; vanessa slept overr

saturday i woke up bcuz vanessa had to go home and i jus watched tv and ate mcdonalds breakfast . then at like 12 we went to costco to go get some salad nd stuff and mi mom was gonna buy and ipod photo * b i i a t c h * but then she dint . so then we picked up my tia ana and cousin rene and went to the picnic for my dad fraternity thing . and my baby bria wasnt there so i wasnt feelin tha party to much , besides tha damn fLy's were gettin on my fcuken nerves lol . so then i called maggie bcuz we were supposed to go to tha mall with taylor and then my mom took me home so i could get my money and then magz came to pick us up nd we were off to tha wellington mall . so then when we got there they took me into hollister for my first time !! lmao . it was pretty coo . they got sum cute stuff in there ; im def. goin back . then we went into abercrombie . nd abercrombie kidz . not feelin abercrombie tho . lol then american eagle . cute stuff . then aeropastale . then charlotte russe . then mint <3 * they closed Liquid . 0MGG ! but therres another store kinda like it . and we went into the coach store and nordstrom . pretty fun . so then we went home nd i was gonna go over marlee'z house but ma mom wouldnt take me so i stayed home and we had a ' famiLy night ' lol we watched national treasure . it was goood - really long tho .

today went to church and now im chillin . tonight is the season finale of desperate housewives ! omg ! i Love that show ta death now . ughh i cant wait . well tha last week of school no backpacks so expect to see me rockin my meLie bianco bag . woop !
<3 ya bxtchez xo
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please do this for me . <3 [May. 16th, 2005|09:03 pm]
_ carameL bonita ♥
[h0w im feElin |geekyaha geekyy !]
[s0unDstyStem |nataLie songs <3]

01. Comment with your name and I will write something about you.
02. I will then tell what song/movie remind me of you.
03. I'll tell you what celebrity you remind me of.
04. I will try to name a single word that best describes you.
05. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.
06. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
07. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
08. Put this in your journal if you commented!

drama suckz . i hate people sometimez !
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wanna go shoppin so badLy ! [May. 14th, 2005|12:15 pm]
_ carameL bonita ♥
[h0w im feElin |happyhappyy]
[s0unDstyStem |gasolina remix - daddy yankee ♥]

0ye bxtchesz ! our 3day weekend is alm0st over 8( .. today idk what ima be doin yet but da day is still young , soo who knowz ! l0tz of shit has been happenin Lately . 0nli 10 more dayz of school left ! yesss ! and maggie passed out durin chorus practice last week and caitie & katey & gabby & caitlin are in fights over caitie'z note 2 katey for her anniversary .. HAPPY 0NE YEAR ANNiVERSARY T0O KATEY & BRYAN [ if they woulda stayed together tho ] and yeah so people started even more drama .. when they dint have too ! i hate it when they do that yo . anywayz disney was really fun .. i got pictures but idk how to put them on eLjay soo youll have to0 see them on mi pr0fiLe comin up so0n ! but yeahh i feLt so0 bad 4 sergio .. he threw up .. aww [<3] but hez better now i guesss .. ummmmm .. last night i went over caities house and watched home movies of her . i saw the toiLet thing .. aha i almost pissed my pantz lmao .

yesterday i got a perm and got it done . lo0kz better now . caitie & my dad said i Look like kyla pratt from one on one .. hMm thats a compliment ! lol

on thursday night i went w/ magz ; tay ; caitie ; marlz ; vanessa to0 see house of wax .. holy shit it wuz soooo gross x123456789 .. those people are fucken psycho and are weird . its a good movie except its not scary jus gore .. lotz of blo0d and killin in it ! ughhh .. maggie and marlee were maken me soo mad tho . they kept talkin durin tha movie and i hate it when people do that . you have no idea so i told them to shut the fuck up like 1,000 timez [ sorry ladiez i Love you ] nd mMm chad micheal murray .. hez one fine bxtch for a white boy 8) lol then we went over to0 taco bell and got sum fo0d and then i slept over vanessa'z house bcuz i wuz gettin my perm w/ her in tha mornin .. soo then i came home nd worked on my project for mr . martin .. rR i hate him lol ..

r i p - to mike .. marlz friend . go to a better pLace and know that everyone is prayin for you 8)

today i think im goin to tha mall w/ ness or sumthin nd gettin pink pants from victoria secret and then jus go shoppin . nd later im gettin a pedicure wit mi madre . fun ! and then idk .. so0 call me if u wanna do sumthin together .

♥ misz stephanie brinae ; carmameL bonita baby !
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im havin mixed feelinz [May. 5th, 2005|05:45 pm]
_ carameL bonita ♥
[h0w im feElin |curiousconfused ..]
[s0unDstyStem |number one spot - ludacris]

i jus feel like updatin a litt0 bit . lol . well t0morrow is friday and my nana is comin down and i guess nana & abueLa are stayin tha weekend for mother'z day . saturday were goin to disney for our chorus trip ! ahh i cant wait ! im goin w/ caitie ; maggie ; taylor and tracy and tracy'z mom .. its gonna be so tight . idk if i shouLd bring my purse tho . idk i dont wanna get it wet on spLash mountain or nothin .. hMm idk yet . i have no clue what ima wear either ..

i think i have feelings for one of my friends .. as more than a friend .. i mean hes so funnyy and i love him ta death, we've gotten soo close this year and i cant imagine my life without him .. i like him bcuz of his personality and how he treats me but i dont like him because .. hes like my brother ? or i my best guy friend .. i jus dont know rite now and im havin mixed feelings bout this person . but anywayz , i had an interesting dream last night . omg it was pretty fuckin weird ! lmao . today is cinco de mayo and holocaust rememberence day . i want some aLchohol, make it drinco de mayo lol . but w/e today was normal . pretty fun tho . but ill get up lata ..

i finished katey'z note .. 9 pages ! woo thats one good note .. hope she Loves it !
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jus a liL quickie [May. 4th, 2005|05:01 pm]
_ carameL bonita ♥
[h0w im feElin |boredbored]
[s0unDstyStem |you aLready know - 112]

well im not updatin jus askin yall what do u think my new username should be ? i dont like mine anymore ; at all ! lol but i will tell you that i got like 7 pages to katey's letter so0 far .. i think ill have like 8 or 9 pages .. i Love you bitchesz ! and PLEASE comment tellin me what you think my new username for Livejournal should be . .
xo0 <3 me
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lol [May. 2nd, 2005|08:14 pm]
_ carameL bonita ♥
[h0w im feElin |ditzyditzyy !]
[s0unDstyStem |signs - sno0p dogg]

o0k well i have a lil bit t0 write .. let y0u know how shitz been goin Lately !

well since i Last updated - shit w/ friendz g0t a lil itty bit better .. maggie & caitie are friends again and thats it .. ugh w/e i h0pe everyone will get al0ng so0ner or Later ! but um yeah and i find myself n0t bein abLe to wait tiL 0ct0ber .. damn guys u dunn0 h0w bad i cant wait tiL then .. caitie kn0wz wtf im taLkin b0ut - lol .. but yeah soo on thursday :

it wuz a take your kid t0 w0rk day soo nob0dy wuz at sko0l except f0r the ko0l pe0pLe who t0ld their rents t0 fuck 0ff and st0p actin fake at w0rk actin Like they really give a shit b0ut they kidz .. lol 8) .. anywayz soo nobody wuz at skool it wuz str8 did basically n0thin all day except chill .. but i couldnt wait tiL after sko0l bcuz i was g0in t0 sunfest t0 see nelLy ! i went w/ caitie and vanessa and caities sister .. it wuz fun as hell .. except im s0 fuckin sh0rt i c0uLdnt see 0ver th0se god damn pe0pLe ! theyre sh0uld be a Law that sh0rties in tha fr0nt ! lol but yeah caitie wuz in heaven bcuz she saw her c0rnelL ! lol hez g0t a nice ass b0dy though ! lol so then after i met up w/ my parents and mi dad wuz drunk 0ff his ass and was actin a damn fo0 - we went t0 sL0nez .. shit that wuz fun as hell that pLace is tight as fuck .. when u lock tha do0r to tha bathr0om the d0or frosts and no one can see y0u ! it wuz ko0 . but w/e i g0t ice cream then waLkin d0wn tha street and these guys kept hittin on me .. they were cute but w/e i was tryin ta get home cuz mi feet hurt from standin for two hourz and i wuz soooooooo fuckin tired but they was Like ' DAMNNN GURRLLLL ' lma0 . but yeah then mi dad decided to take a piss on the wall .. damn cant take his drunk ass no where ! lmao .

friday : i wuz tired as fuck yo . i dint speak more then 30 words maybe tha entire day . i felt like shit and i felt like goin ta sleep ! everyone was like damn she must be sick shes not talkin !!! but marlow was Like , t0day is the best day of mi Life .. shes not taLkin ! lmao i Luv that bitch .. he crackz me up .

saturday : woke up earLy bcuz i had a orthod0ntist appt. and i swear they bo0ked all the n0t white pe0ple that day ! bcuz theyre was onLi puert0 ricanz, asians and bLack pe0ple up in der .. there wuz this fine puert0 rican papi but dats a diff. st0ry .. mMm he wuz fine as hell .. i shoulda g0t his number . then i went to tha bank and to my house to get into my bathin suit and then over taylors house . tiffany was there ! aww i love her so much i miss her .. and tracy and mag nd caitie nd taylor .. onLi tha 6 of us came but we had fun shoppin in deLray .. shits too expensive down there tho .. lol .. but then we went to tha beach and me nd caitie had an interesting taLk .. and we saw a MAN 0'WAR .. i thot it wuz gum but w/e it wuz tight .. then we went back to taylors house and went swimmin in her po0l and then cake and presents .. i had fun and on sun. i to0k my braids out ! onLi a m0nth bcuz they lo0ked Like shit ! .. and so now im natural again and mi hair is thinned 0ut .. i need a perm badLy ! lol

well thats a big fuckin update yo .. well comment somethin bitch . pleeease . xo0
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i jus wanna move away and start over .. [Apr. 25th, 2005|08:48 pm]
_ carameL bonita ♥
[h0w im feElin |boredboredd]
[s0unDstyStem |i changed mi mind ; keyshia c0le]

well l0tz 0f drama bullshit haz happened .. so0 much fuckin drama y0 .. i cant stand it ne more .. at first it wuznt dat bad bcuz it wuz onLi lil fightz w/ pe0ple but n0w its full 0ut drama ! and its n0t go0d 4 mi heaLth ! l0l but shit's been crazy yo and i cant wait til summer so0 that i d0nt have dis shit to w0rry ab0ut anymore .. but w/e h0pefully all dis drama shit and mi friends havin pr0bz. wit mi 0ther friendsz will pass nd everythin will be str8 again and i will actually get to0 chill w/ all 0f my friends at 0ne time and n0t have to divide time between every0ne ! but ugh yeah s0me go0d thingsz happenin so0n .. but herez wut happened on mi FUN FiLLED half day ! sike !

thursaday - w0ke up and went to0 scho0l as usual .. sko0l wuz str8 i wuz glad it wuz half day th0 ! and then after sko0l i walked h0me w/ caitie, kristian, vanessa and it wuz fun i guess .. we had fun and then after i dint feel like g0in home so we all went str8 to caitie mcguiness' h0use and chillaxed there f0r a liL bit . nd maggie kept callin me to0 hang out but i was gonna call her when i g0t h0me wich i wuz gonna go home so0n and so0 on our way h0me it wuz vanessa,caitie nd me and we saw tayl0r & maggie walkin fr0m mi h0use w/ s0daz .. so0 i th0t w/e they jus g0t s0daz 0utta mi refrigerat0r again bcuz we have a fridge in tha garage w/ s0daz in it and mi garage d0or wuz up and soo they had mi sh0e too and theyre Like hey bitch why dint u answer ur ph0ne and i wuz like i wuz jus b0ut to call you and so theyere like herez ur sh0e and i wuz like wtf are u doin w/ my sh0e?? and theyre Like oh we were in ur h0use .. and i wuz like 0k wh0 wuz h0me - they were like n0 one and i g0t madddddddddd ! it dint even matter wut they did Like da fact they wuz in mi h0use and i wuz like well h0w da fuck did u get int0 mi h0use yo and theyre like ur backd0or wuz 0pen .. and we saw sh0ez and backpacks soo we th0t u guys were hidin fr0m us so we went inside and i dint even need to hear anymore i went 0ff on them i wuz WTF WERE U DOIN IN MI H0USE and i wuz like theres no fuckin excuse for doin dat shit its rude as fuck and i would never do that ta you - blah blah bLah so then theyre like and then ur m0m and grandma came h0me - so w/e i yelled at them m0re and jus walked away all pissed & shit and then i g0t home and mi mom comez out and was like why da fuck were u 'smart' ass friends inside mi house when no 0ne wuz h0me and i wuz idk and i got all mad nd then mi abueLa was Like goin off to no one in spanish sayin badddd shit ahh i wuz crackin up . but yea we g0t int0 this huge argument ova it and its all g0od now but w/e it still happened and i bet theyre pr0lly n0t all0wed 0ver f0r awhiLe . l0l but yeah nd this weekend is tayl0r'z bday partyyy .. goin to da beach & sh0ppin .. wish i had m0ney th0 ! lol ..

well i think thatz en0ugh ! .. uhh c0mment f0r me ab0ut this ight .. d0 u think i had s0methin t0 get mad ab0ut ? therez m0re shit they did but i dun feel Like typin it ..
so0 peace . x0o

aw this s0ng im Listenin to reminds me 0f mi juLit0 ! i miss him sooooooooo much x123456789123456789 ! . o0k bye

meLie bianc0 purse is supp0sed to come tmm0 maybe ! w0op w0op !
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(no subject) [Apr. 20th, 2005|05:14 pm]
_ carameL bonita ♥
itz 4-20 ! happy nati0naL sm0ke0ut day every0ne ! katey s0rry u c0uLdnt d0 n0thin !
well peace biitchesz .. sm0ke one h0e ! l0l c0mment s0methin f0r me ! xo0
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